"B -The youngest son of Nevelings and Maria von Eickel, Diedrich Johan, started the livonian branch of the family Staël von Holstein. It is not my intention to provide the generalogy of this lineage here, much as it may one from Count J. v. Oeynhausen kindly supplied handwritten elaboration irritates. The dignified work, which Russwurm to ediren to anticipate would be outrage. I want ot scoop that with him the eleventh gene ration starts and continues like this:starts and continues like this:

XI. Diedrich Johann Stael of Holstein

XII. Johann Stael v. Holstein"


"This Johan Stael v. Holstein is the root father of the still now in Estland, Russia och Sweden widespread lineage. He was married to Margaretha Titfer and had with her a son Herman that got Married to Dorpthea von Medem. They had a son Hildebrand the lord to Pelbag in Estonia, polish major and married to Anna von Uxkull the daughter of Conrad von Uexkull of Padenorm and Appollonia von Buttlar; They had to sons; Johan and Mathias that lived in Pernau. Mathias was mayor there and died on 25th of july 1649. He was married two times and left sons; Jacob Johan född 28 may 1628 and Johan, founder of the Swedish line. The offspring of them is still flowering int the 23rd generations."   


KÄLLA; Fahne, Anton. (1876) Livland und seine Geschlechter; Livland Adel, insbesondere das Geschlecht Stael v. Holstein Volume 2. s. 


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