The branch of the family Staël von Holstein in Ecuador                                   

 Sperling Staël von Holstein 16th of January 1886 - 30

July 1946 



Bjarne Staël von Holstein  22th of October 1895 - 1961  


Henning Magnus


Sperlings and Hugo Bjarnes father Henning Magnus Staël von Holstein tabell 39 was a cousin to

Birger Henning. He was a soldier in the swedish army. Sperlings mothers name was Alice Hedvig

Margaretha (maiden name Cnattingius.)


S stael ecuador


Sperling was born on the 16th of january 1886 in the swedish town Gothenburg. He was 

named after his grandfather Carl Sperling . On 22nd of october 1895 he got a brother Hugo

Bjarne. Sperling studied on Skara högre allmänna läroverk in 1902.


Sperling Skara

                                  Erlandsson, Elis: Skara högre allmänna läroverks lärjungar 1870-1910  


skara allmänna läroverk


Sperling studied in Halmstad 1906 and at the university in Lund. 1907.  He moved to Stockholm

1909 and studied law at the university. 1915. Sperling worked for the Argentine state until 1919

After that he moved to Calleo ) Pernu and worked as  "Vice konsul  until 11th of september 

1923. Sperling then moved to to Quito in Ecuador 11 september 1923 to work as




Evert Taube from Sweden writes in his book "Många hundra gröna mil" om sitt möte med 

Sperling "En afton superade jag på Sportsbar i Calle Florida med Sperling Staël von Holstein

som då var sekreterare på Meteorlogiska institutet och som längre fram blev svensk general-

konsulent i Ecuador." I Ewert Taubes bok Samlade berättelser med tillhörande visor och ballader

volym 2 får man även veta att "efter middagen drack vi svart kaffe på Maipu Bar". Calles

Florida (Florida street) is a street in the town Buenos Aires in Argentina.


Sperling got two children Inga (1928) and Carlos (1934) .


Sperlings death was published in two newspapers in Sweden: Dagens Nyheter on 5th of August

1946 and in Svenska Dagbladet on 4th of august 1946. He died on 30th July 1946.


Sperlings grandchild Richie wrote a mail to me 2014-12-18. 


Carlos Staël von Holstein


"Carlos (1934- 2013 ) Stael Proaño, my father, unfortunately passed away in February 7 last

year, at the age of 79 he was the son of Carl Sperling Stael von Holstein, who was the General

Consul of Sweden in Quito-Ecuador. His daughter, my aunt Ingrid (1928) Stael is alive and in

good health. she is 85 now"


Bjarne Staël von Holstein 22nd of October 1895 - 1961

Hugo Bjarne, was born on the 22nd of october 1895 in the swedish town Alingsås. After he

had taken officersexamen at skånska kavalleriet he traveled to Peru where he stayed for a

couple of year. After that he went to Ecuador and worked as a agent for AB Svenska kullager-

fabriken at their office i Quito. He got married in 1927 to Maria Stella Franco Villagomez,

(born 26th of may 1900 in Quito). In the 1940 edition of Adelskalendern he is listed as a

merchant in Quito. Bjarne died in 1961. Maria Stella died on 2nd of June 1999 in Porona. Bjarne

and Marie got a daughter called Sylvia Mercedes Rosario on 11th of May 1928. According to

"adelskalendern" she lived in Pleasentville, New Jersey. She was married in Guaya in Ecuador on

30th of October 1948 to Jorge Garcia Alcivar (1921-1994). Sylvia and Jorge got a son called

Jorge Garcia after he father. 







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Mail from;

Jorge Garcia Staël 2010-08-26 and 2015-03-04

Richie Staël  2014-12-18.